Wet Recluse by Hidden Speaker : Record Review

Hey SloanBones here with another Record review this time from the mind of Evan Dickson who is a writer/editor for Bloody Disgusting.  He hasn’t released anything for a while music wise but slowly the music juices started to well up inside and then bam! This album is about just creating music with no strings attached and I think as listeners  we can appreciate an album like that.


Pink Cloud is nice little interlude into the world we now enter with Evan.  Which is quickly discarded and we get into the weird world which is Spry. The album for me feels like stepping into a Spider’s layer, not really knowing what your going find. Things from the past stuck dead on the walls, leading you down a cobweb filled hallway to the Wet Reculse.  The consumerism vibe definitely isn’t lost on me and I like how these thoughts of Evan are present.  This might also be a result of living in L.A as well with the track Vapor Hair.  His voice reminds me of The National and the vibe of early songs on the record are early 90′s late 80′s with a electronic twist. The overall album is nice and heavy with some softer songs near the end of the record.  Which seems to relive pressure of the early songs, but I just think it drags a bit for my liking.  The song Stole My Thunder, Ill Steal Your Drugs at the end of the record really culminates what Evan is going for.  I think for the most part the album is fun, but mostly for the artist and not for the listener even though the riffs in YSMTISYD are pretty catchy.

I think overall it was a good artistic album and expresses what music means to Evan which is a lot.

Check out Hidden Speaker Wet Recluse

Keep it Fly people in the World

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A Rockin Rockabilly Round up at The Fairview

Hey it’s SloanBones bringing you another rousing review on the scene of Vancouver. Just as it happens many a time in this city it is hard sometimes to find the hidden jems. Rockabilly round up is definitely not hidden but I would have to say not really a first choice for many. But that being said for a Saturday night a pretty damn fun time was had by all.
The first band of the night was The Surfrajets who play covers, surf music style ( think The Ventures). I really liked the Go Go dancer on stage which helped out because there wasn’t any singing. I think this band would be great once they get some songs of their own mixed in with covers. The drummer of the band was definitely the driving force behind them.

The Surfrajets are playing their next show at The Railway Club on Friday Jan 17th



On to Butch Murphy and The Greasy Kings who really brought a great presence on stage. Lots of dancing ensued as soon as this man started to sing. How can you not it’s just so infectious with all the boogie woogie styles. Butch doesn’t pull any punches either talking about how he will fight someone over how a certain song should be played. Which probably goes back to his punk roots when he was 16 starting out in music. Much has changed since then though he has toured in The Nervous Fellas and The Bughouse5 who you should  check out. But these days he more content to come out and play some dirty dancing rock then to tour.  He also has two autistic kids which keep him busy but are the joy of his life.  That being said he belongs on the stage giving us a great Saturday evening.

Check out Bughouse5 here

and The Nervous Fellas

So if you are looking for a place to see a show in Vancouver sometimes it’s in not so beaten paths that you can find some real jems like Butch Murphy and The Rockabilly Round up.

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Daniel Wesley : Wide Open at The Commodore

Hey SloanBones went to a show !



A show where I watched Daniel Wesley play some reggae plus some rock and or roll. He played mostly old songs but did manage to fit in some new ones, starting with the single off of Ocean Wide : Fuel the Fire.

He also had some help putting on this great show with Alex Maher on saxophone plus unique bass and put you in a trance drums. Personally myself I would have liked to hear more of the new album as I think it has excellent flow and was well thought out musically. But this was more about the diehard fans that love the old material.

Not a bad night indeed !

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The Way Things Were : Clark Graham


ClarkGrahamWell here I am again with another review of an awesome artist this one from Chilliwack who moved all the way down to L.A. playing many gigs at the Hotel Cafe and others.  Clark’s style fills your head full memories of the past and brings you to a quiet place.

The album starts off with The Way Things Were which is definitely about the reflection of a life now gone.  Barroom Symphony has the tone of wanting to escape alcohol and just to get back to feeling again.  Tough Luck, Time to Go and Welcome to California are my three favorite songs on the album and really help to drive home the theme of the record. All three seem to be related to each other and Welcome to California is a nice reflection on how he felt like the State welcomed him with open arms.  I thought the song White Flag a catchy tune but a little long.  The last part of the album lagged a bit for me but for the most part I thought it was well written.

I also have seen some pics of more recording from Clark so expect more from him in the new year!

Check out Clark’s album: Here

All the best in 2014

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Moovalya Desert Punk !

Hey it’s Sloan Bones drinking a white russian and writing a punk record review. Which to me should probably be done with draft beer in a loud local bar but I live the classy life!

These guys hail from the dessert of Phoenix Arizona and have done well since they started out in 2009.  They have played at Warped Tour, had a great producer on this record Larry Elyea ( Authority Zero, Beastie Boys).  This record has a faster vibe than their earlier record First Degree. It is also evident that Moovalya has found their sound with this new record.moovalya2






The album starts off with To the Throne a blasting start to the album and also shows how fast they have become.  The song is about protest and how the higher ups are suppressing the poor.  Love the double kick drums done by Mitch Hosier which drills home the songs message.  The song We has lots of things in it that make a great punk song: gang vocals, lyrics about drinking and unity.  I’ve always liked punk bands with a variety of beats, instead of the same old beat.  So for the most part I thought Moovalya did this, they definitely have more to explore with their roots in punk but that will come in time. I think the song writing and singing by Benjamin Jones remind me a lot of Anti Flag but the variety of the lyrics helps them separate themselves.moovalya3



Moovalya stock is only growing as they are playing a New Years eve show with Authority Zero. Also being signed to Dagger Slight Records helps as well.

Sloan Bones hopes that Moovalya will come to Vancouver BC soon enough!

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